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BEECAM: NMCB 133 Supports C-130 Aircraft Repair

Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 133 Detail Rota Crane Crew Supervisor EO1 Jeramy Storer (center) assists in lowering a C-130 prop onto the ground, while CM2 Alex Martin (left) gives hand signals to Crane Operator EO3 Joseph Wiese. Photos by EO1 Jeramy Storer Rigger-in-Charge CM2 Alex Martin (right) gives hand signals to Crane Operator EO3 Joseph Wiese, both assigned to NMCB 133, on the …

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BEECAM: Riverine ‘Bees Assist Djiboutian Coast Guard

EN1 Jason Shirbroun (left) and CM1 Cody Roesener (right), assigned to Coastal Riverine Squadron (CORIVRON) 1, help the Djiboutian Coast Guard trouble shoot an electrical issue on their 38-foot Djiboutian patrol boat, Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti, July 23. The two groups met to discuss maintenance strategies and best practices for their vessels. Photos by MC1 Julia A. Casper EN1 Jason Shirbroun (right) and CM1 Cody Roesener …

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BEECAM: NMCB 11 Drills Into Timber Bridge Class

BU3 Erik Caldwell (right) and BUCN Amirah Ramelize, NMCB 11, drill holes and prepare timber during Heavy Timber Bridge class at a Contingency Construction Crew Training (CCCT) area on board NCBC Gulfport, Miss., June 24. NMCB 11 Seabees trained at CCCT in preparation for upcoming Field Training Exercise taskings and scheduled deployments during their homeport training cycle. Photo by UTCN Alicia …

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