Teamwork Wins Hearts, Builds Schools in the Pacific

BU3 Benjamin Floyd, NMCB 3, high-fives a local child who held a tape measure in place (inset) during initial engineering evaluations outside Macarascas Elementary School, Puerto Princesa, Philippines. One of the first battalions commissioned during World War II, NMCB 3’s legacy stands strong in its ability to build and fight anywhere in the world as either a full battalion or …

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UCT 2 Dives and Trains

BU2 Christopher Farmer, UCT 2, installs steel armor around seafloor cable in 100 feet of water at the Pacific Missile Range Facility (PMRF) Barking Sands. Seabee divers from UCT Two’s Construction Dive Detachment Bravo are at PMRF inspecting, protecting and stabilizing  underwater cables on their first of three stops across the Pacific during their six-month deployment. Photo by EOC Adam …

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