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Let's Get After It: Message from the Seabee FORCM

July 17, 2020 | By ggranger

From FORCM Delbert Terrell, Force Master Chief of the Seabees

Seabees, this guide was created based on your feedback

Thank You for your input as well as CMDCM Laurie, CMDCM Lopez, CUCM Sherman, MC1 Granger, YN1 Padilla and many others who provided input on multiple occasions along the way. This was truly a Team Effort! What I also like about this guide is the Goal Setting Worksheet, its never too early or too late to set goals: Lets Get After It!

VIRIN: 200716-N-XZ182-0634

Michael Gerber stated, The difference between great people and everyone else is that great people create their lives actively, while everyone else is created by their lives, passively waiting to see where life takes them next. The difference between the two is the difference between living fully and just existing. This enlisted career guide will aid us to live fully and would like to take this opportunity to briefly discuss the purpose of it, provide thoughts on a successful career and share my expectations to you as a leader.

The purpose of this guide is fairly simple, but powerful. The Seabees prior to you and I, have built a strong foundation as our Force continues to excel and evolve in this ever changing environment. With that being said, this document will continue our Can-Do culture and provide you the knowledge and tools needed throughout your career. You are responsible for the management of your career, engaging with your Chain of Command, and Detailers to assist you in achieving your professional and personal milestones; use this roadmap. What does success look like as a leader

Success is based on sustained superior performance in a variety of positions and geographic locations, continued professional growth and education, and demonstrated leadership in all situations. I challenge you to take advantage of every opportunity, furthering your experience and education as you continue to grow as leaders and to pay it forward. You will be faced with adversity along the way; nonetheless, the camaraderie amongst each other reaffirms we are in this together and there is no greater responsibility to serve and defend our family and the Constitution when called upon. We will remain continuous learners and below are my expectations for you, as well as myself.

Expectation is defined as, a belief that someone will or should achieve something. These expectations are easy to say and understand; nevertheless, may be difficult to achieve on a daily basis. They remind me, and I hope you, to live actively and stay motivated!

Be humble (confidently): Challenge yourself and peers, stay committed and remember, no one is successful by themselves.

Be honest: At times this can be tough however, we all need feedback in understanding our blind spots. Always be fair and respectful regardless of rank during these discussions.

Be consistent: It is our diversity that makes us strong and the greatest Navy in the world. Respect one another, stay committed to your core and step-in when someone needs help.

Leave a legacy: What is your legacy going to be If you influence one person, what do you want them to say/remember about you and about the Seabees.

Have fun: This took me awhile to understand during my career Dont go crazy, stay focused and reflect on the impact you are making and what/who you represent. In closing, the success of your peer, fire team, squad, company, command, Seabees, Navy and Nation relies on your ability to accomplish the mission every time and take care of one another. I expect us to make One Degree of Difference in everything we do and Never Lower Our Standards for Anyone. I look forward to discussing this further with you in person.  

                                                                                       Can Do!