Career Tone Survey Has Been Extended

Sept. 1, 2015 | By donrochon
VIRIN: 150901-N-ZY182-0220

Calling all Reserve Seabees and CEC Officers!

Due to IT outages in October, the Career Tone Survey for all Reserve CEC officers and Seabees has been extended! We encourage everyone to please try again. The survey is up and will be operational until the end of November. Please look for your reminder email from NPRST. Now is your time to be heard, and help chart the course to "Build and Fight" in the future.
In October, all Navy Selected Reserve (SELRES) Seabees and CEC Officers will be invited to take an online survey about their career experiences. The Navy Personnel Research Studies & Technology (NPRST) Department will be administering the survey and will send out a web link and access code via email to all SELRES Seabees and CEC officers to participate. The subject line of the email will read "NR CEC AND SEABEE TONE SURVEY."

The Career Tone Survey is an opportunity for Seabees and CEC Officers to be heard, and to help chart the course to "Build and Fight" in the future.

Please take the Navy Reserve Seabee and CEC Officer Career Tone Survey in October. And please remind your fellow Seabees to take the survey too, because the more who take it, the more accurate the information will be.

VIRIN: 150916-N-ZY182-0371

A letter from Rear Admiral Paula Brown

Reserve CEC Officers and Seabees: There have been many changes affecting our community in the past 15 years: surging for war, reductions in force, and changes in our training methods. All of you have done your jobs well, and should be proud of your contributions to our Navy and our country. We are looking towards the future and want to hear from you about how your Navy Reserve career is going. We need your opinions to help us establish a baseline to evaluate what is being done well, and what needs to be improved. We would like to collect your thoughts through a one-time, Navy Reserve CEC & Seabees Career Tone Survey in October 2015. Our Career Tone Survey is a part of our current Health and Tone assessment of the Navy Reserve CEC and Seabee community; you may have heard of it as 2020+ which is helping us create a vision for our future. Health refers to how well we are filling our billets and Tone refers to the preparedness of our people and their willingness to take advantage of a fulfilling career in the Navy Reserve. Our Survey should not take more than 30 minutes to complete and is being done by the Navy Personnel Research Studies & Technology (NPRST) Department, the Navy s people-focused research organization. NPRST needs maximum participation to develop a true picture of how we are doing, how everyone s careers are going, and how we feel about our community. NPRST will ensure your anonymity, so please be honest and open. Around the 1st of October, NPRST will send an email to all SELRES CEC Officers and SELRES OF-7 Seabees. In it will be an Internet link to the Career Tone Survey along with a randomly generated access code, a key that opens the survey. This code ensures only members of our community take the survey and that each of us only takes it once. The survey will only run through October 30th, so please take the survey as soon as possible. Early in November, NPRST will begin to evaluate the results and prepare their report to us, which is due in December. We will report back to everyone the findings by the end of 2015. At the conclusion of the survey, we will publish the results of our yearlong 2020+ report on our Community's SharePoint pages on the Navy Reserve Homeport. The Career Tone Survey is a great opportunity for all our CEC Officers & Seabees to be heard, and to help chart the course to Build and Fight in the future. Please take the NR CEC & Seabee Career Tone Survey in October. For all of us to receive the benefit from this Career Tone Survey, we all must participate! Respectfully, RADM Paula Brown, Deputy Chief of Civil Engineers