Tuning Up Seabee Online and Mobile: Your Feedback

April 29, 2014 | By Seabee Magazine
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Thanks to all the Bees, family and friends who kicked the tires, looked under the hood and helped us with our tune-up for Seabee Online and Seabee Mobile! Your feedback will keep our online and mobile versions of Seabee running smoothly weve got both on the virtual assembly line right now, tightening the nuts and bolts of your fave Can Do newshubs. Download Seabee Mobile today! Heres a snapshot of what you told us through Facebook posts and emails
  • I enjoy reading about todays Seabees and their accomplishments also, the reunions.
  • More articles about the history of the Seabees Can Do spirit and noteworthy missions.
  • Get more input from the Special Warfare community and the great job the Bees are doing here.
  • Spotlight articles about the Sailor(s) of the year, articles explaining the role of organizational positions (e.g., platoon chief or company commander), new training systems or courses, and unit & individual accomplishments.
  • More pictures of Seabees building and training, as well as topics related to Seabee constructions methods/materials/equipment (unclassified of course). Also how Seabee construction methods have evolved over time.
  • Seabee Online navigation works well!
  • More promotion of Seabee Mobile app. Download Seabee Mobile today!
  • Great way to share training information/tools.
  • Add a Spotlight section.Everybody likes to be famous once. There are many interesting Seabees and readers may find their stories interesting. Perhaps stories of how Seabees transitioned to civilian careers and/or their educational achievements. This may inspire young Seabees to prepare for civilian life.
  • I really, really miss the hard copy of Seabee Magazine.
  • I particularly like the interesting, eye-catching photos on the main screen of the mobile version.
Be on the lookout for updates, upgrades, enhancements and new stuff in Seabee Online and Seabee Mobile the one-stop shop for everything SeabeeCan Do!