New High-Year-Tenure (HYT) Dates for E1-E3

July 19, 2012 | By donrochon
By NC1(SCW) Robert A. Wetzel, NAVFAC HQ
VIRIN: 120719-N-ZZ182-1967
The new High-Year-Tenure (HYT) dates for all Active Duty (ACDU), Full-Time Support (FTS) and Selective Reserve (SELRES) are now in effect, as of July 1, 2012. Q: Who does this affect A: All E1-E3 Sailors in the ACDU, FTS and SELRES. Q: What are the new HYT dates A: E-1 and E-2 for ACDU and FTS is now four years versus six years, and E-3 is now five versus six (or eight). Q: Can I Still PNA an exam to stay in the Navy A: E-3 Sailors may no longer Passed Not Advanced (PNA) an exam to stay on active duty for eight years. Personnel that PNA the Navy Wide Advancement Exam (NWAE) prior to the March 2012 exam (cycle 215) may still retain the eight-year HTY gate. Q: Will my HYT waiver be affected by this new policy A: Approved HYT waivers may be canceled when not fulfilled. If this happens, a Sailor will have to separate within 120 days. Personnel able to retire or transfer to the Fleet Reserve (FLTRES) may do so. SELRES personnel will be removed from their status by when the end of their waiver was cancelled and must transfer to the retired list or non-pay status. Q: What happens if I am reduced in rate and exceed the lower rank's HYT date A: A Sailor must receive an approved HYT waiver to be eligible to take the next exam. Refer to the new HYT policy outlined in MILPERSMAN article 1160-120 for further explanation and guidance. NAVADMIN 198/12 was sent out June 28 notifying all of the impending change.