Seabees Deconstruct Working Dog Facility

Story by BU3 Alexa Trafton

ROTA, Spain – The ambience of engines and jackhammers fill the atmosphere of the Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 1 military working dog (MWD) project based at Naval Station Rota on July 7.

NMCB 1 demolished the 20-year-old outdated facility in preparation for construction of a new facility that complies with current Navy instructions that govern the MWD program. The new facility will provide a better quality of life for the MWD’s and improved training facilities.

During the construction project, the crew had overcome setbacks all without their spirits being lowered and have learned to adapt to small challenges. Every day NMCB 1 Seabees show up ready to work, and through their collective experience and expertise solve any issues that may arise.

Builder Constructionman Erykka Stolze, on the right, from Lake Habasu City, Arizona and Builder Constructionman Mikayla Penic, from Troy, Ohio, use jackhammers to break up a concrete pad on the Military Working Dog project on board Naval Station Rota, Spain on July 7. Photo by Builder 3rd Class Alexa Trafton.

“There was a lot I didn’t fully understand before I came to the project site, about planning and estimating, and the process of what a project site goes through for demolition,” said Builder Constructionman Mikayla Penic, of Troy, Ohio. “Since being out here, I have learned a great deal about demolition, and I see it as another important part of my rate. We don’t always just go in and build on a site, there are times that we have to go in and do the take down. Understanding how that works, and what goes into it is important.”

The Seabees began demolition in May, starting with cinderblock walls before transitioning to the roof structure and the concrete pad.

“Being such a junior crew, not only am I extremely impressed with their knowledge, but also their motivation to get the job done,” said Builder 1st Class Jesse Johnson, from Phoenix, Arizona. “The crew is an outstanding, strong and dynamic team. They are always willing to share their knowledge of the site with each other, as well as the knowledge of their ratings. ”

Daily the crew was busy at work; the hum of machinery and power tools surrounded them. Front end loaders move across the site, some of the Seabees are busy jackhammering at the concrete pad, while others are putting scraps into the back of a dump truck and working on disassembling the roof frame.

Builder Constructionman Deontae Major, from Exmore, Virginia, and Builder Constructionman Phillip Shoats, from Blue Springs, Missouri, use jackhammers to break up a concrete pad at the Military Working Dog project on board Naval Station Rota, Spain on July 7. Photo by Builder 3rd Class Alexa Trafton.

“This project has taught me numerous things, from the phases a project goes through, to how a team works together,” said Penic. “As a team, we are a well-oiled machine working together. We understand what needs to be done without being asked to do it, and working beside one another makes for a great learning environment.”

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