Sailor 2025


By Lt. Cmdr. Jacob Segalla, Branch Head, Enlisted Seabee/SEAL/SWCC/EOD/NavyDiver Assignments, Navy Personnel Command

Sailor 2025 is a group of 43 different initiatives collectively aimed at modernizing the personnel system, modernizing the training process, and enriching Navy culture. Part of enriching Navy culture, is refining the Navy experience to be more family-friendly.

To this end, Navy Personnel Commands Assistant Commander recently signed Distribution Guidance Memorandum (DGM) #0405-1609 in an effort to reduce the number of voluntary unaccompanied tours – better known as geographic bachelors. Under this new guidance, Sailors with prospective high school seniors may request to remain in the same geographic location to grant dependents geographic stability thru the last two years of high school.

To be considered, service members whose current projected rotation date (PRD) falls within a dependent’s junior or senior year of high school may submit a Personnel Action Request (NAVPERS 1306/7) to their rating detailer. The request must have a positive command endorsement, be submitted no later than 12 months prior to the member’s current PRD.  Detailers will exhaust all reasonable efforts to approve the request; however, it may not be possible in all circumstances. For example, this policy does not excuse sea shore flow (SSF) and valid billets must be available within the local area in which the detailers can place the service member.  Additionally, service members whose high school student does not reside with them are ineligible for this program.

Lastly, service members with multiple students, a separate request must be submitted for each. Overall, this change will help stabilize families and reduce the stress and challenges of transitioning during the senior year of high school.

Still have questions: give your detailer a call at the numbers provided below. We’re here to help!

Alfa Company EO/CM
CPO James Gongas (H120)

CPO Jason Cummings (H150)
Bravo Company CE/UT

CPO Nathaniel Steward (H110)
Charlie Company BU/EA/SW

 PO1 Tyrone Terry (H100)

CPO Joab Cowell (H140)

SCPO Stephen Stran (H130)

 E-8/E-9/Camp David/State Department
MCPO Rob Sauve (H130)

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