Navy Advancement Center adds exam bibliographies to Navy COOL website

By Ed Barker, NETPDTC Public Affairs


Sailors preparing for advancement examinations can now access their bibliographies (BIBs) without the need for a Common Access Card (CAC), as the Navy Advancement Center added the active duty and Reserve BIBs to the Navy Credentialing Opportunities Online (COOL) website March 14.

While it will still be possible to link to the BIBs through the Navy Knowledge Online (NKO) website, which requires a CAC, adding a BIB portal on Navy COOL allows access through any internet-capable computer or mobile device.

“A common theme running through the Sailor feedback we receive is that much of the preparation for advancement exams is done at home, away from work,” said Master Chief Electronics Technician, Nuclear Power (SS) James Berhalter, command master chief for the Naval Education and Training Professional Development and Technology Center (NETPDTC). “Having the public-facing BIBs will make figuring out what references to use for exam preparation significantly easier.”

The BIB pages on Navy COOL will provide both active duty and Reserve Sailors a link to the exam bibliography listings specific to their rating and rank, offering virtual ‘one-stop shopping’ for Sailors to know what publications to use to get ready for exams. The BIBs reference pages list the material subject matter experts use to develop the tests during the Advancement Exam Readiness Reviews.

“It’s important that Sailors review their BIBs before every exam,” said Berhalter. “Each cycle’s exams are different, and the BIBs listed through Navy COOL and on NKO are tailored specifically for that exam cycle. If a Sailor is relying on BIBs from past exams, then he or she may miss some important references. Publications and instructions are also constantly being updated, so it’s important to have the information that corresponds to that specific cycle’s exam.”

The Navy COOL links will contain the same content accessed through NKO, including BIBs for substitute exams, as well as rating-specific topics and subtopics which provide an exam content outline unique to each enlisted rating. Updates to BIBs will also be reflected simultaneously on Navy COOL.

Navy COOL Program Manager Keith Boring said that adding BIBs to the website helps the popular destination become even more functional.

“The goal of Navy COOL is to help today’s Sailors become a stronger, more professional workforce, and assisting them in advancement exam preparation is the epitome of that goal,” said Boring. “This is one more valuable tool we offer our 21st Century Sailors.”

To access the Advancement Exam Bibliographies section of Navy COOL, begin at the Department of the Navy COOL home page: Click on the ‘Navy COOL’ tab at the top right of the page, and under the ‘Find and Select Related Credentials’ tab, click on the ‘Advancement Exam Bibliographies’ dropdown on the left side page navigation. Then choose your rating and select ‘Go.’  The advancement exam bibliographies, topics and subtopics, FAQs, and contact resources are found lower on the rating’s COOL page.

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