Navy Announces Combining of Builder, Engineering Aide and Steelworker Ratings

From Chief of Naval Personnel Public Affairs

Consolidation graphicActive duty and Reserve senior chief builder (BU), engineering aide (EA) and steelworker (SW) general ratings will be combined into the constructionman senior chief (CUCS) according to NAVADMIN 294/15, announced Dec. 21.

The goal of the change is to strengthen the advancement opportunity, career diversity and duty assignments for Sailors in the BUCS, EACS and SWCS ratings.

Sailors in these ratings will continue wear their current rating badge as their source rating badge and will use the same badge criteria as master chief constructionman (CUCM).

The first CUCS selection boards will be the fiscal year 2017 boards, to convene Feb. 29 for Reserves and April 18 for active duty. All valid letters to the board received from prior BUCS, EACS and SWCS candidates will be considered in the CUCS competitive group.

All billets previously coded as BUCS, EACS and SWCS will now be coded as CUCS and available for any CUCS to fill.

Sea-shore flow will follow source rate tour lengths as outlined in NAVADMIN 361/12.

For more information, read NAVADMIN 294/15 at the NPC website


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