NMCB 4 Field Training Exercise Complete, Ready for Deployment

By MC1 Rosalie Chang, NMCB 4 Public Affairs Office


BU3 Terry Darko, NMCB 4, measures the roof of a Southeast hut during the battalion’s field training exercise (FTX), Fort Hunter Liggett, Calif., Oct. 8.  FTX prepares and tests the battalion’s ability to enter hostile locations, build assigned construction projects and defend against enemy attacks, using realistic scenarios as more than 100 evaluators from NCG 1 and NCTC grade each evolution.  (Photo by MC1 Rosalie Chang/151008-N-DH124-025)

Seabees of Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 4 completed a Field Training Exercise (FTX), a critical portion of the battalion’s homeport training cycle, Fort Hunter Liggett, Calif., Oct. 9.

Operating nearly three weeks across Fort Hunter Liggett’s rugged terrain, the FTX tested the battalion’s ability to enter hostile locations, build various construction projects and defend against enemy attacks.

NMCB 4 Commanding Officer Cmdr. Jeff Lengkeek stated the completion of FTX proves to the chain of command the battalion is ready to deploy to a contingency environment and execute engineering and construction missions for supported commanders.


BU1 Reginald Cyr, NMCB 4, relays the readings of an M256A1 chemical agent kit that can detect and identify blood, blister and nerve agents during a simulated Chemical, Biological and Radiological (CBR) drill, Fort Hunter Liggett, Calif., Sept. 24, during the fieldtraining exercise. (Photo by MC1 Rosalie Chang/150924-N-DH124-279)

“Our Fleet Response Training Plan cycle is about building and employing our construction and tactical skills every opportunity we have available,” said Lengkeek.  “This exercise is a culmination of all the military skills training our Seabees have been continuously taught and trained on.”

During the exercise, the battalion completed two “jumps” where the entire battalion and equipment moved from an established base to a non-secure area. Seabees provided their own security, while moving to and setting up the new forward operating base.

An Air Detachment (Air Det.) of 89 battalion personnel operated at independent locations from the main battalion. The Air Det. performed three “jumps,” providing perimeter security and executing multiple construction projects.

Seabees also employed tactical weapons systems, operated armored vehicles and employed large-load construction equipment in hostile environments. Builder 3rd Class Terry Darko, NMCB 4, stated that one of his jobs was to display his knowledge of building a Southeast Asia hut, but his most important job was being on watch.


Seabees assigned to NMCB4place the deck pieces of the medium girder bridge during the battalion’s field training exercise, Fort Hunter Liggett, Calif., Sept. 30. (Photo by MC1 Rosalie Chang/150930-N-DH124-245)

“Standing watch in an assault position pit was my most important job during FTX,” said Darko. “My job was to observe the area in front of me and to protect the base and the rest of the Seabees working on the base performing our main mission.”

The Seabees demonstrated to more than 100 evaluators from Naval Construction Group 1 and Naval Construction Training Center – both based at Port Hueneme, Calif.  – how to engage mock attackers using the M4 and M16 rifles, the M240B and M2 .50-caliber machine guns and the Mk19 grenade launcher.

“Our battalion did a fantastic job in the field; it was a phenomenal performance with high levels of motivation and professionalism,” said Lengkeek. “The Seabees executed the mission as we would in a true combat scenario, while gaining valuable training and experience. I am fully confident that if we were called upon today, we would be able to successfully support the Navy and our nation’s mission in a deployed contingency environment.”


HM2 Johnathan HaynesEvanscompletes a full-body assessment of an enemy wounded in action as Lt. Allison Gould, both assigned to NMCB 4, explains the patient’s status to an inspector during the field training exercise at Camp Rovinski, Fort Hunter Liggett, Calif., Sept. 29. (Photo by MC1 Rosalie Chang/150929-N-DH124-344)

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