NMCB 5 and NAVFAC PWD Yokosuka Install Water Heaters, Save Money

By James Johnson, NAVFAC Far East Public Affairs

FE Self Help - NMCB 5

UT3 Dakota Nordmeyer, NMCB 5, installs piping as part of a project to install water heaters at the Negishi Housing Area, Yokohama, Japan, July 8. The project will allow larger boiler plants to close, saving energy and dollars for the U.S. Navy. (Photo by Builder Third Class Andrew Haser)

Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 5 and Public Works Department (PWD) Yokosuka Self-Help completed a project to save the U.S. Navy nearly $450,000 at the Negishi Housing Area, Yokohama, Japan, July 17.

“With the closing of Negishi, there are far fewer residents and tenants who reside on this base. The project to install hot water heaters for the remaining tenants will allow us to shut down the two steam boiler plants that we have,” said Lt. Cmdr. Arce Doble, PWD Yokosuka production officer.  “That will help us realize not only energy savings, but monetary savings as well, to the order of $400,000 to 450,000.”

Seabees installed individual water heater units at homes of the 15 remaining families at Navy housing facility. The boiler plants are scheduled to discontinue service on Aug. 1. The Negishi Housing Area will be placed in a caretaker status in late 2015, after the last Navy family has moved away.


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