CCAD Seabees Complete Construction at Philippine Elementary School

By CE3 (SCW) Quennie May Galarpe, NMCB 5 Public Affairs

NMCB 5 Seabees In the Philippines

Seabees assigned to NMCB 5 and Philippine Seabees work side by side for a concrete placement during the construction of a multi-purpose assembly hall at the Mangingisda Elementary School, Puerto Princesa, Philippines, June 10. Photo by CE3 Quennie May Galarpe/150610-N-ZZ999-015

Seabees assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 5’s Civic Construction Action Detail (CCAD) Palawan celebrated the completion of a multipurpose assembly hall extension and rainwater catchment system at Mangingisda Elementary School, Puerto Princesa City, Philippines, June 17.

More than 500 people attended the turnover ceremony, including parents, teachers, students, members of the community, local government officials, and members of the U.S. and Philippine armed forces.

“We are truly grateful and blessed because our school was one of the chosen few to receive this blessing of love from the United States Navy Seabees and the armed forces of the Philippines,” said Mercedes Magbanua, principal of Mangingisda Elementary School. “The multipurpose hall can already accommodate a large number of participants.”

According to Liezl Arosio, a 5th grade teacher, the multipurpose hall extension is definitely a great blessing to the school. In addition, the presence of the U.S. and Philippine military on the school grounds greatly impacted the morale of the students.

“We may be saddened by the fact that you guys are leaving, but the great work that you left with us will always be cherished and will be taken care of,” said Arosio. “We promise that it will benefit the population of Barangay Mangingisda for generations.”

NMCB 5 Seabees In the Philippines

EQCM Douglas Tennyson, NMCB 5, shows the students different types of camera effects at the Maningisda Elementary School construction site, Puerto Princesa, Philippines, June 10. (Photo by CE3 Quennie May Galarpe/150610-N-ZZ999-011)

Federico Q. Lucena Jr., a teacher, said in his opening remarks that the covered hall will help during programs, activities and other occasions.

“It has become more comfortable and will be able to accommodate more people,” said Lucena. “Additionally, the fear of the rain and the sun is not a thing to worry about anymore.”

The construction of the school’s rainwater catchment system consisted of re-routing and installing new gutter systems, installing two 1,200-liter tanks, manufacturing stands to hold the tanks and creating a plumbing system to dispense the water. The system will supply water for cleaning the classrooms and watering the plants in the garden. The installation of the water catchment system reduces the time students and staff take to collect water. Prior to the system’s installation, they would walk half a kilometer carrying five-gallon buckets of water.

NMCB 5 Seabees In the Philippines

UT2 Tomas Cardenas, NMCB 5, works alongside the Filipino Seabees putting the water tank in place during the construction of the rainwater catchment system at the Mangingisda Elementary School, Puerto Princesa, Philippines, June 10. (Photo by CE3 Quennie May Galarpe/150610-N-ZZ999-013)

Philippine Seabees, Philippine air force, Philippine marines and NMCB 5 Seabees were awarded with certificates of recognition for their work by the Department of Education. The ‘Bees also received a special recognition plaque.

The CCAD’s mission is to execute engineering civic assistance projects, conduct skills exchanges with the host nation, and perform community relations events to help enhance shared capabilities and maintain relationships.

NMCB 5 is homeported in Port Hueneme, Calif., and is currently deployed to Okinawa, Japan, supporting Navy and joint forces throughout the U.S. Pacific Command with construction projects and humanitarian missions in more than 13 different geographical locations.

NMCB 5 Seabees In the Philippines

BU3 Avery Delosh, NMCB 5, tells a story  to the 4th graders of Mangingisda Elementary School while working at Barangay Mangingisda, Puerto Princesa, Philippines, June 9. NMCB 5’s CCAD Philippines constructed a rainwater catchment system and a multi- purpose assembly hall extension for the school. (Photo by HM2 Daniel Wise/150609-N-ZZ999-018)

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