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Here’s another opportunity to share your “Can Do” with the Seabee Nation!  We’ve created a page to help fellow Seabees find other ‘Bees, resources and information. Check out the requests below. If you have any information to add, just click on the Facebook icon at the top right of the page and share it. It’s that easy. Seabees helping Seabees is always a good thing. Can Do!

Is there anyone that can tell me if there is anyway I can find old ship mate’s from navfac Eluthera or acb 2 from 75-81?


My father Robert Jacobs was in the Seabees NMCB 4 for 9 years from 1954-1963 and he loved it. He always says if he wasn’t so old he would love to go back. As a surprise for Christmas, I would love to see the look on his face of him opening a yearbook. Can you please direct me on how I can obtain one. Thank you for your attention.

Michelle Jacobs Ungerleider

RESPONSE: Ms. Ungerleider, this link may be a good place to start your search:

Looking for Seabees that knew my Dad William E Turlington Jr. Was on Adak, And Tinan. & I believe Guam!  Was on Tinan when the Enola Gay took of Aug 6, 1945…  Please contact!

FACEBOOK POST:  I have a NEWBIE SEABEE in “A” school…..any advise? or other pages is welcomed!

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