BEECAM: Standing Tall

Photos by Lt. Thomas Hallam


During a visit to Underwater Construction Team (UCT) 1, Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Commander Rear Adm. Kate Gregory has a KM-37 Surface Supplied Diving Helmet fitted by BU1(SCW/DV) Joey Biccum (left) and CM2(SCW/DV) Adam Griffin of  Dive Detachment Alfa, June 19


Wearing the KM-37 Surface Supplied Diving Helmet and Emergency Gas System Harness, NAVFAC Commander Rear Adm. Kate Gregory stands while tended by BU1(SCW/DV) Joey Biccum (left) and CM2 (SCW/DV) Adam Griffin of UCT 1 Dive Detachment Alfa, June 19

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