NETC Force Master Chief Visits CSFE Det Sheppard

By UTC (SCW) Scott A. Kristek, CSFE DET Sheppard Public Affairs Officer


Students at CSFE DET Sheppard attend an All-Hands Call with FORCM Port to voice their concerns on any matters that are potentially affecting their learning capability while attending “A” School. Photos by CSFE Public Affairs

Naval Education and Training Command (NETC) Force Master Chief Jon Port visited the Center for Seabees and Facilities Engineering (CSFE) Detachment at Sheppard Air Force Base in Texas to talk to the students and staff at the Utilitiesman (UT) and Construction Electrician (CE) “A” and “C” Schools March 4.

During his visit, Port received a firsthand account of schoolhouse conditions, classroom materials and equipment, training aids, and a sense of the collaboration that is emphasized in the Interservice Training Review Organization (ITRO) courses.

“Seabees learn highly valuable skill sets that bring enormous capabilities towards war-time missions and keystone elements in humanitarian service from refugee camps to disaster-relief operations,” said Port, while speaking to an ITRO class in the Water and Fuel Systems Maintenance program.

Port joined the Navy students for lunch and took the opportunity to ask if there were any issues inhibiting their learning experience or training that he could take back to NETC.


FORCM Port (NETC) sits down with UT and CE “A” School students during lunch during his visit to CSFE DET Sheppard,  Mar. 5.

“I want to take the opportunity to talk with the students in the pipeline so that we, the Navy, ensure we’re doing everything we can to give you the best learning environment and training we are capable of, and to produce ready and able Sailors who are entering the fleet upon graduation,” said Port.

“It was definitely an honor and privilege to have Force come out and see what the Seabees of Sheppard do and how we work with our sister services,” said Construction Electrician Senior Chief Petty Officer Joseph Johnson, the detachment assistant officer-in-charge and senior enlisted leader.

In addition, Port held an all-hands call with nightshift students and instructors to solicit their comments and concerns. He also walked through the current barracks and newly renovated facilities that will be move-in ready in April, and attended the UT graduation ceremony.


UT1(SCW) Erik Dines getting pinned for his Master Training Specialist qualification by FORCM Port at the end of his visit to CSFE DET Sheppard, Mar. 5.

“Having the Force Master Chief come out and take the time to sit down and talk to the students was very exciting and appreciated,” said Utilitiesman Construction Recruit Billy Cammack, a Navy UT “A” School student. “Hearing him talk about his career inspired me to take advantage of the opportunities the Navy has to offer. In order to achieve goals, we need to set them.”

For more information on the CSFE Learning Site Detachment at Sheppard Air Force Base, visit their website:

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