NMCB 74 Seabees Deployed to Bahrain

By EA2 Class Cory Hauptman, NMCB 74, U.S. 5th Fleet Area of Responsibility


BUCN Lawrence Culala (right) assists UT3 Jason Noel (center) and CECN Samuel Russell, NMCB 74, in building a shelving unit for CTF-58, Isa Air Base, Bahrain, Jan. 29. Photo by EA2 Cory Hauptman

Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 74 Seabees are deployed to Bahrain as they support Commander Task Force (CTF) 56 and public works through Naval Facilities (NAVFAC) Europe, Africa and Southwest Asia (EURAFSWA).

In addition to serving base and tenant commands, the Seabees are tasked with managing a public works shop and handling all work requests, helping improve the overall quality of life and working conditions at various work centers.  CE3 Nellie Aquino, NMCB 74, is the shop supervisor who manages all incoming requests.

“Everyone here knows who the Seabees are and what we do,” said Aquino. “It brings a great sense of pride to know we can always lend a hand and stick to our motto, ‘Can Do.’ A lot of the work requests we receive here in the shop are things that need to be built in order to make it a little easier to fulfill their missions in or around their work centers.

Through their work, Aquino and the other shop members, UT3 Jason Noel, CECN Samuel Russell and BUCN Lawrence Culala, NMCB 74, support multiple units. While the Seabees of ‘74 have built a number of large-scale shelving units for the various commands, the majority of their work orders use the laser engraving equipment to create various plaques, signs and paddles for special occasions.

“Being a UT and getting to work with a laser engraver is a new experience and adds a creative aspect to the projects,” says Noel, who operates the engraving equipment on a daily basis.  The crew of the “Fearless” 74 Seabees has completed more than 30 work orders since assuming responsibility of the public works fabrication shop one month ago and has made a discernable impact.

With its homeport in Gulfport, Miss., NMCB 74 is a 580-person Seabee battalion. It is currently deployed to multiple locations in U.S. Northern Command, U.S. European Command, U.S. Africa Command and U.S. Central Command areas of responsibility, providing general and contingency engineering support to combatant and component commanders to enhance their operational capabilities across the full spectrum of military operations. Operating forward, NMCB 74 strives to capitalize on engagement opportunities and build lasting relationships, ultimately paving the way for future partnerships.

For more news and information on NMCB 74, visit the Command Facebook page at https://www. Facebook.com/#!/FEARLESS74.

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