NMCB 28 Brings Clean Water to Bagram Airfield

By Josiah Wilson, Video Producer/Editor, U.S. Department of Defense


A warm shower, running faucet and clean drinking water are the types of small conditions most people tend to take for granted … until they’re gone, that is. An under-performing well on Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, threatened to put these comforts on hold for U.S. service members deployed there.

Thankfully, a group of [NMCB 28] Seabees stepped in to fix it before the well ceased operation. The well’s capacity was quickly dropping, along with the pressure necessary to keep water flowing, due to sediment buildup in the well’s filters. It then became the Seabee’s mission to work vigorously to “plunge” the well and clear out the filters. This took more than a week to accomplish.

Nonetheless, the Seabees managed to save the day. Watch this video to learn more about the project from their perspective.


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