Seabees Remain Vital Around the World

Story excerpt from The Seabee Quarterly, a publication of the CEC/Seabee Historical Foundation, Inc. 

This past year, the entire Naval Construction Force was realigned under two Naval Construction Groups that report directly to Navy Expeditionary Combat Command, which oversees about 13,800 Seabees worldwide. Two Naval Construction Groups and five Naval Construction Regiments exercise command and control over seven active duty and 12 reserve battalions and other specialized units, including two Underwater Construction Teams and two Construction Battalion Maintenance Units.

Despite these reductions, the Seabees remain a vital component of the Navy’s Global Force for Good, as demonstrated by the fact that Seabees currently are contributing globally to military operations at the tactical, operational and strategic levels by providing support across the full range of military operations on five continents.


(Source: Naval Expeditionary Combat Command, Public Affairs Office)

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