UCT 2 Dives and Trains


BU2 Christopher Farmer, UCT 2, installs steel armor around seafloor cable in 100 feet of water at the Pacific Missile Range Facility (PMRF) Barking Sands. Seabee divers from UCT Two’s Construction Dive Detachment Bravo are at PMRF inspecting, protecting and stabilizing ¬†underwater cables on their first of three stops across the Pacific during their six-month deployment. Photo by EOC Adam Winters

NMCB 28 assists UCT TWO during their field training exercise

Seabees from UCT 2 and NMCB 28 team up to load a 19-foot inflatable boat after UCT Two’s successful repair of a water supply pipe in the San Antonio Reservoir. NMCB 28 and UCT Two participated in a joint Field Training Exercise at Fort Hunter Liggett. Photo by CEC (SCW/MDV) Terence Juergens

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