Brothers Reunite While Deployed to Afghanistan

By MC1 Steven Myers, Task Force Anchor Public Affairs

UT2 Samuel Cullins (right), NMCB 133, Task Force Anchor, poses with his younger brother, Pvt. 1
st Class Stephen Cullins, 187th Infantry Regiment, during a visit while both are deployed to Afghanistan. Photo by UT2 Samuel Cullins

A Seabee from Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 133 had a rare chance to reunite with a loved one while deployed to Afghanistan, Feb. 9.

Utilitiesman 2nd Class Samuel Cullins, NMCB 133, Task Force Anchor, had the opportunity to visit the outpost where his younger brother, Army Private 1st Class Stephen Cullins, is deployed with the Rakkasans of the 187th Infantry Regiment.

“It was a once in a lifetime opportunity,” said Cullins, who had not seen his brother since his boot camp graduation in 2011. “I was amazed at the difference in the person that he has become, and how joining the Army has developed him.  It is hard enough to get to see family while deployed or even on active duty, much less in Afghanistan.

“I am very thankful that both of our commands let us have this opportunity,” he added. “I know I enjoyed it very much, and so did he.”